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Astik Brass Band X Mitesh Lodha at Design Fabric Festival

By Ritupriya Basu on 28 March

For our upcoming Design Fabric Festival, we decided to extend our theme of 'Culture makes design. Design makes culture' in the truest sense possible. We collaborated with menswear fashion designer Mitesh Lodha to re-imagine the uniform of Mumbai’s Astik Brass Band Pathak. The band was established in 1959 and consists of twenty five members who are trained by Master Gunvant Koli. Traditionally performing at weddings, the blaring brass bands with their infectious tunes make even the most tight-lipped uncle at the party shimmy a little.

Taking inspiration from a few existing elements in their uniforms and incorporating them in his designs, Mitesh has employed the use of bold strips that are commonly found in their uniforms and merged it with elements of street wear such as bomber jackets, truckers and slim pants layered with asymmetric shirts as well as kurtas. The fabric he used is a stretch cotton that gives the garments a suede finish look. The look was then styled with red caps as well as broad belts to add a touch of authenticity while keeping it contemporary. "For me, brass band musicians are like street artists. They are performers, but on a different stage. Their uniforms are generally boxy and given the opportunity, I was intrigued to blend in my aesthetics to their usual attire and explore a different dimension to the design," explains Mitesh.

The Astik Brass Band will perform some popular tunes at Design Fabric Festival on March 30th. Watch out for some crazy numbers and don’t be surprised if you’re caught dancing in your seat.

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