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Samyik — Mitesh Lodha X Design Fabric

on 21 November, 2017

Mitesh Lodha is a contemporary menswear brand with underlying Indian influences. Tracing his roots back to a small village in Rajasthan, Ghanerao, which he keeps revisiting for inspiration, Mitesh has tried to marry the rich cultural essence of Indian textiles with geometric and minimal silhouettes to emphasise the wearability of his clothes for the modern Indian man. Making fabric the hero for his collection, Mitesh has simplified traditional motifs and embroideries to enhance the texture and inherent character of raw silk which has been dyed in soothing hues like ivory, teal, moss green and powder blue to name a few. Intricate detailing viz a viz the construction of the garment is the key to this collection. Mitesh aims to create versatile clothing that can be worn to any occasion as well as wardrobe staples that can be added to any discerning male's ensemble.

'Samyik' was shot at Mitesh Lodha Studio in Lower Parel, Mumbai

Curated & Produced by Design Fabric

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