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The Design Fabric Digest Is Here!

By Sreshtha Chatterjee , Ria Jaiswal on 03 April

We are proud to announce the Design Fabric Digest, a compilation of some of our favourite stories that were published on Design Fabric website and document India’s pioneering efforts in the contemporary arts and design. With all the creative explorations taking place in India in the fields of visual art and design, Design Fabric plays the role of the go-to publication to capture and document these goings-on. It is a space to read about the country’s scene and understand individual processes through interviews with artists and designers, while also enabling collaborations that tell important visual stories.

The book is divided into six sections - Group Exhibits, Fashion, Visual Art, Photography, Graphic Design, and Public Art. Collaborations like Undone at Wardrobe Potluck that question societal gender stereotypes or Half Full Curve, which help women reclaim their bodies; street art projects like Pehle Aap that try to keep Urdu alive or discussing the not-so-dead future of paper with artists Hari & Deepti; and interviews with people like non-binary poet Alok Vaid-Menon whose story needs to be heard in India; this book has it all!

The book was released at Design Fabric Festival and distributed among festival attendees.

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