GIF Bombing — Design Fabric X Kayaan Contractor

By Ritupriya Basu on 16 March

At Design Fabric, we have a never-ending romance with GIFs. When we were saying goodbye to 2017, we couldn’t help but go back to our favourite GIFs from the year and add our own twist to them. There’s something about the bite-sized nuggets of fun that is too good to pass on without putting our own spin on it.

From the Fall Out Boy dancing llama to the ‘Nope’ Rat to Nicole Kidman’s ‘penguin clap’, we reimagined the catchiest GIFs from last year, a la Kayaan Contractor. Veering away from her cool-girl persona just for a bit, she gives us a glimpse into the real Kayaan.

This story has been produced by Design Fabric.

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