Imagining a better planet on Earth Day

By Rohini Kejriwal on 20 April

Since 1970, billions of inhabitants of planet Earth have been celebrating the bounties of Mother Nature annually on April 22 in the form of Earth Day. Across 193 countries, people get together on the day to take on the collective responsibility towards the Earth and talk about environmental protection, carry out rallies, awareness campaigns, and planting activities, and generally promote harmony with Nature. A day to remind each of us that the Earth provides us with sustenance and life.

We love and are grateful for this planet we’re living on and that keeps us alive. So to celebrate Earth Day, we decided to use art to spread some much-needed awareness about the environment and give a little hope despite all the degradation around us.

We invited 12 Indian artists to create an artwork that captures their ideal version of the place they live in, by reflecting on what Mother Earth means to them in their own illustrative style. While some of them interpreted this directly and went super local, giving us a glimpse into their neighbourhood, others used more abstract memories to present a world we can aspire to live in.

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