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World Post Office Day 2018: the India edition

By Rohini Kejriwal on 09 October

Whether you’re a philatelist or merely fond of letter writing, the charm of receiving a letter addressed to you or a well designed stamp is priceless. On October 9th - World Post Office Day - the whole world recognises the contribution of the Department of Posts to the social and economic development of the countries, and creates awareness about their products and services.

October 9th was first declared World Post Day at the 1969 UPU Congress in Tokyo, Japan, to commemorate the establishment of a Universal Postal Union. The proposal was submitted by Shri Anand Mohan Narula, a member of the Indian delegation. Since then, the World Post Day has been celebrated all over the world to highlight the importance of the postal services through post office visits, seminars and philately workshops

On October 10th, the Indian postal department celebrates National Postal Day to continue the celebrations. In India, the postal department has been serving the country for over 150 years, which is no mean achievement. To celebrate these unseen heroes who organise and connect millions of us, we asked seven illustrators to create original illustrations about the country, that we then printed as official India Post stamps for this collaboration. As part of the mandate, the stamps on the left are original artworks, while the one on the right is added by India Post to legitimise the stamps.

Go visit your nearest GPO today and celebrate World Post Office Day by making stamps out of your own artworks!

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