Kinetic Identity Workshop by DIA Studio

DFF Workshops 30 Mar, Mumbai

Dive into the world of kinetic identity with Mitch Paone from DIA Studio with a hands-on workshop at Design Fabric Festival. 

This extensive exercise will take you through the basics of conceptualizing and executing a motion graphic sequence, as you learn how to make shapes and letters move, shift and twist. At DIA, Mitch designs flexible kinetic identity systems, custom typefaces, logotypes and experimental typographic animations and illustrations. At the workshop, he will take you through the process of syncing motion with sound, creating gripping sequences. It is tailored for those taking a fresh leap into the world of motion art, those wanting to sharpen their existing skills and everyone in between.

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About The Mentor

Mitch Paone is the Founder & Creative Director at DIA Studio, a Brooklyn based creative studio specializing in kinetic identity systems, graphic design and typography. Beyond his work with DIA, Mitch is a performing jazz pianist, composer, type designer, lecturer & educator.

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Famous Studios,
Mahalaxmi, Mumbai
30 MAR 2018
| 2:00 PM Onwards