An exercise in typography, the workshop will explore the basics of poster design and the relationship between colour, text and space in creating a bold, compelling poster. Step into Anthony’s world as he brings on board years of experience of creating letterpress posters and his immaculate understanding of what makes a visual work. You will be given printed sheets of different letterforms, and will learn to compose and arrange them in simple yet powerful typographic layouts. The hands-on and tactile experience will encourage everyone to quit the digital and rediscover the fun of making things by hand.

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About The Mentor:

Graphic artist, print-maker and designer Anthony Burrill is known for his persuasive, up-beat style of communication. Words and language are an important part of Anthony’s output and he has developed a distinctive voice that is sought after not only by collectors of his posters and prints but also by clients including Apple, Google, Hermés, the British Council, London Underground and the Design Museum. Anthony is perhaps best known for his typographic, text-based compositions, including the now-famous Work Hard and Be Nice to People, which has become a mantra for the design community and beyond.

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