• Artist Lineup Phase 01


A year ago a design project was started in Mumbai called Taxi Fabric, where the founders collaborated with a constellation of top-tier local designers to create textile patterns inspired from indigenous cultures and symbols, and then fitted them inside taxis and rickshaws.

This year, they are raising their game by diversifying into a space that discusses design, art and life in India, through a collaborative platform called Design Fabric (DF).

To introduce Design Fabric, the creators have put together a one-of-a-kind show with an opening theme of ‘GIFs’, giving shelter to the works of some of the most stellar designers around the country and beyond.

  • Artist Lineup Phase 03


06:00PM | Doors Open | Takalluf & VJ Wayne
07:00pm | Ankur Tewari
08:00pm | ENG (Magnetic Fields)
09:00pm | Oceantied
10:00pm | The GIFixibit Ends


Instagram/Twitter: @dsgnfbrc Event Hashtag: #GIFIXIBIT


Ankur Tewari / Kunal Lodhia (ENG) / Oceantied


Hatecopy / Karan Singh / NorBlack NorWhite / Sanki King / Aman Makkar / Jasjyot Singh Hans / Katyayani Singh / Arushi Kathuria / Sandhya Prabhat / Sudeepti Tucker / Sana Nasir / Neethi Neethi / Anyaa Dev / Samya Arif / Kruttika Susarla / Sajid Wajid Shaikh / Harshit Vishwakarma / Prasanna Sankhe / Shantanu Suman / Pragun Agarwal / Pavithra Dikshit / Niteesh Yadav / Simoul Alva / Anupam Singh / Tanya Eden / Prateek Vatash / Mayur Mengle / VJ Wayne Joshua

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