For designer and letterer Kriti Monga, imagination is key. Her typervention workshops explore modular type installations crafted with everyday materials to spell culture-reflective messages in public spaces. Whether you’re lettering-curious, a seasoned type-geek, a craft enthusiast, or just looking to get your hands dirty, join in.

In a high-energy sprint, six teams will create a 3D type installation each with a range of designated local materials and type-templates. Always a super fun group activity, typerventions are now Kriti’s favourite way of playing with type, a fantastic introduction to modular letter design, and a great springboard for ideas.

  • Narendra Bhawan Piano
  • Oxford Mural

Art on a piano in Narendra Bhawan, Bikaner, and a mural at an Oxford bookstore, Delhi, by Kriti Monga

About The Mentor

Kriti Monga is a designer, illustrator and visual artist from New Delhi, India. Her graphic design studio Turmeric Design is recognized for the unique voice, spirit and connection it brings to hospitality brands, while her personal work with lettering, type installations and illustrated travel journals creates moments of surprise and delight. Always curious about ways to inspire and move people with words, visuals and experiences, Kriti is now drawn to making more art installations, murals and books. Among her most cherished achievements, she counts passing forward the joy of lettering and type to her students, many of whom are now forces to reckon with in their own right.

  • Collage

Watermelon typervention and a neon sticker typervention at Social Offline, Delhi by Kriti Monga

  • Aspcn 18

This workshop is in collaboration with Asian Paints Colour Next '18

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