The practical, hands-on workshop will introduce you to the basics of making a zine and give you an opportunity to conceptualize and create your own publications and take it home. Join Adam as he talks about his first zine Talking About Feelings, and explores how to put together a one-sheet folded zine by juxtaposing text, visuals and illustrations. The session will also highlight how to fold, collate and reproduce zines, so you can create, exchange zines and walk away with multiple copies of your work in print, along with some of your peers’ work.

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Book Cover Things Are What You Make Them by Adam J. Kurtz and illustration by Tuesday Bassen

About The Mentors:

Adam J. Kurtz is an artist and author whose illustrative work is rooted in honesty, humor and a little darkness. His first book, 1 Page at a Time, has been translated into over a dozen languages. His “very personal” work for clients like Strand Bookstore and Urban Outfitters has been featured in NYLON, VICE, Adweek and more. His newest book, Things Are What You Make of Them is available now from Penguin Random House.

Tuesday Bassen is an award-winning Illustrator living in Los Angeles. Her clients include Lucky Peach, Playboy, The New Yorker, United Nations, Nike, Adidas, and others. On her online store, she sells accessories, zines, prints, and her eponymous clothing line. She also co-owns a brick and mortar called Friend Mart, whose sole focus is on independently owned artist brands.

Please note that participants are expected to bring:
1. Laptops, phones and chargers
2. Collage material - posters, magazines, stickers and labels.
3. Your favourite materials to share with other participants (a nice way to make a friend)

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