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Adding a visual dimension to music for Sofar Sounds India

By Rohini Kejriwal on 15 May

Sofar Sounds aka Songs From A Room is a unique global movement that began in London back in 2009. A celebration of music across 400+ cities, it features intimate, secret gigs that take place on a monthly basis at different venues, and is a totally volunteer-run operation. In India, Sofar Sounds has been around since 2015, with 13 cities hosting performances by and for the local community.

At Design Fabric, what we find most intriguing about the concept is how the music translates into gig posters, each of which become beautiful works of art. Considering all the artworks are entirely crowd-sourced and made by artists purely for the love of music, it is a pleasure to see the spectrum of posters being made. Apart from basic details like the lineup and date, artists are given the freedom to experiment with their style render the poster, which becomes a testament and visual memory of the performance.

We picked our favourite Sofar India posters, which tell the journey of Sofar Sounds India in a most exquisite way.

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