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Current Conservation: India’s very own environmental art archive

By Rohini Kejriwal on 05 June

Current Conservation, a Bangalore-based quarterly print and online magazine, that has been around for 12 years, focuses on making conservation-related issues and science accessible to the general public. Their well-researched pieces are always accompanied with beautiful illustrations, infographics and photographs, and bring much-needed awareness to conservation science.

In their early years, the publication primarily used photography to tell stories. But since 2010, their introduction of commissioned editorial illustrations has enabled them to “harness the power of human imagination and visual intelligence to communicate deeper concepts, create emotional affect and show complex interactions between various factors,” as Art Director Prabha Mallya puts it.

Having already built a massive collection of environmental artworks, the plan ahead for Current Conservation is to imagine new ways of connecting science and art through events, film screenings and gallery showcases.

Design Fabric picked its favorite artworks from Current Conservation’s growing collection.

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