KurlOn Mattress Reviews

KurlOn Mattress Review

A mattress is a crucial purchase, so you have to find the best with comprehensive research beforehand. A supportive and comfortable mattress offers a good night’s sleep and helps you in functioning a healthy way of life.

For better health, a night of good sleep is highly essential, and Kurl-on the most popular brand in India focus on that. It also emphasizes on comfort and relaxation.

For the betterment of users, a Kurl-On mattress made of high quality memory foam, PU foam and loaded with a high level of assurance in terms of durability, comfort, and extra support.

The mattresses are scientifically designed and quite lightweight with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Such a mattress is also safe to use as it comes with zero sensitive materials. It also fights against all sleeping disorders and stress.

Kurl-On, previously known as Karnataka Consumer Products Limited, started in the year 1962 by Mr Ramesh Pal. At present Kurl-On is India’s most trusted brand and providing a better sleeping experience to its customers with its 126 different configurations.

Accessing the need of the user and with fantastic product range, Kurl-On is at the top of their game and added many milestones on the way to reach the heights.


Types of Kurl-On Mattress

A Kurl-On mattress is widely accepted in India and comes with different types according to the need of users. If you work for an extended period and need a peaceful siesta, then Kurl-On memory foam is the best option for you. It relaxes your back muscles and offers superior comfort.

On the other hand, if you need a durable mattress, then the foam mattress from Kurl-on can be the best choice. The price can be on the higher side, but you can use this one over the years without any wear and tear.

Similarly, if you are looking for a mattress with a good bounce, then go with the spring mattress, which satisfies your need and offers a good feeling during sleep.

A Mattress from Kurl-On comes with numerous advanced technologies such as Motion Separation Index, Ultra-Fresh technology, ACD technology, and many more. The MSI or Motion Index Technology offers zero disturbance while sleeping with your partner. On the other side, Ultra-fresh Technology is suitable for fighting against the microbial and bed bugs.

The ACD technology or Advanced Center Dedensification protects the mattress from sagging and retains the quality of the mattress.


Kurl-On Spring Mattress

More commonly, we can say a spring mattress houses spring with the top layer known as comfort layer underneath a support layer. The existence of spring mattress dates back to the 15th century and a variety of springs used in the mattress.

There are different types of springs used in these mattresses. The continuous coils use different rows of springs from a single long piece of wire, whereas the Bonnell coils the most traditional and lower-priced mattress.

The offset coils come with an hour-glass shape and help in conforming to your body shape. The marshall coils or pocket rings come with a barrel shape and suitable for sleeping with your partners.

A spring mattress comes with a lower price tag and one of the most popular types of mattress. It is also customer friendly and lasts for a longer time due to its built. You can also expect excellent ventilation during your sleep with a spring mattress. It does not store your body heat and provide a night of better sleep.

There are some downsides of a spring mattress which you have to consider while buying. It wears quickly, and the paddings of this mattress become flat within a short period.

A spring mattress is quite denser than other mattresses, so it is impossible to move around. Hence it is quite difficult for cleaning and taking it outside. On the other side, it is prone to dust mites and offers a chance to allergens to multiply.

Spring mattress is available for a long time, and for this reason, most of the people prefer this type of mattress over the others. If you want to go with a reliable mattress without doing any experiment, then this is the best option for you. A spring mattress is widespread and affordable so you can opt for this without burning your pocket.


Kurl-On Foam Mattress

A foam mattress comes with a supportive layer of foam to offer proper adjustment to your body during sleep. Each foam mattress comes with different thickness to suit all body types and sleeping positions. A foam mattress is made of different layers of foam.

Support Foam Mattress

Every foam mattress comes with a base layer of support foam. The support foam is a high-density foundation layer and helps in minimizing the heat absorption and offers much-needed firmness.

A support foam comes with a cone-like structure and helps the mattress from sagging as well as ample compression support. You can expect a better cooling with a support foam.

Transition Foam Mattress

A transition foam stays under the support foam layer and offers additional backing to the support foam. For innate compression support, a transition layer is highly helpful and suitable for heftier users. A transition foam usually comes with polyfoam or memory foam.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex foam is suitable for cosiness, cooling, and bounce. It is quite responsive and adapts your body movements and positions.  Latex foam can be categorized into two types, such as aerated latex foam and traditional latex foam.

Memory Foam

If you are looking for a foam mattress with proper body support and good relief to your pressure points, then memory foam is the best choice. It is also widely accepted foam mattress across the world. It is also good for compression support.

All memory foams are not equally responsive and are polyurethane foams. It is viscoelastic and defies more pressure. A memory foam furnishes gel, copper and other infused material which offers more cooling.


Kurlon Coir mattress

A coir mattress is made of high density rubberized coir and gets a fabric cover for a perfect look. A coir mattress houses natural fibres of coconut and maintains an ideal temperature for sleeping.

A coir mattress is hygroscopic in nature and arrests the water molecules from its surface. The health fresh technology eliminates dust mines and bacteria from a coir mattress.

It is also suitable for people with respiratory problems and offers perfect comfort and air circulation. Besides this, it supports your back and keeps your spine in natural shape. If you are looking for an ultra-comfort mattress, then a coir mattress can be the best choice.

Coir mattress is also suitable for all sleeping positions and comes with anti-sagging feature. The ample layer of coir sheets maintains the firmness and offers good support. Hence you can expect excellent durability and reliability from a coir mattress.

It is also a value for money mattress and comes with a solid warranty; hence, you need not change your mattress for a more extended period. The quality and durability of this mattress can save a lot of money for sure.

A coir mattress provides the most natural comfort due to its finest elements. The natural coir comes with a combination of ACD and VCT technology, which offers ultra-firm support to your spinal alignment and proper firmness.

The high-density PU foam provides more comfort and bounces due to its unique design.

The high-density PU foam also withstands heavyweight and offers much-needed support to your body during sleep. A coir mattress is for those people who wish for a dense and firm mattress or the non-sagging feature. Furthermore, a coir mattress is one of the best cool and ventilated mattress available in the market.


Kurlon Therapeutic Mattress

Kurl-on therapeutic mattress is ultimately for satisfying the ergonomic need of your body along with total comfort. It is also for treating sleeping disorders and for offering a comfortable sleep.

A therapeutic mattress comes into existence over the last few years and recommended by lots of medical professionals. It can treat health issues like allergies, sleep apnea, spinal stenosis, and arthritis.

Such mattress is created solely for hospital uses, but due to the tendency of minimizing the bedsores of patients, it got a wider acceptance all over the world. A therapeutic mattress can offer better sleep and care to your body. It is also an ultimate option for pressure minimization and pain relief.

Using a therapeutic mattress can minimize the pressure of your joints and provide you with much comfort and relaxation. A therapeutic mattress is clinically proven and suitable for eliminating pressure points. If you are going through spine and back issues, then a therapeutic mattress can cure all such problems.

If you wish for a good quality sleep along with extra care, then a therapeutic mattress is an excellent choice. It can also eliminate various health conditions by offering good quality sleep.


KurlOn Spring Mattress Reviews

Here we are going to review various types of kurl-on spring mattresses.


Kurlon Angelica Box Top Spring Mattress

As the name suggests, an Angelica Box Top offers you a chance to sleep like an angel. The mattress comes with high-tensile pocket springs, box top friction, and noise insulation. The materials used in an Angelica Box Top Mattress are high tensile pocket springs, Thermobond felt and polyurethane foam quilt.

The high tensile pocket spring comes with MSI technology which offers good bounce and good for sleeping with your partner due to its zero disturbance feature.

The noise insulation allows you to have quality sleep all through the night.

The helical border wire support feature protects the springs of this mattress from sagging and uphold the shape.

The high tensile pocket spring is good for a bouncy feel, and its polyurethane layer is suitable for extra support and peaceful sleep. An Angelica Box Top mattress comes with different sizes and weight to suit the need of every user.

An Angelica Box Top mattress is equipped with anti-bugs threads as well as good quality material. Hence you can have a peaceful sleep without thinking of any allergies or bugs.

Key Features

  • High tensile pocket spring with MSI technology
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Helical border wire support for maintaining the shape of the mattress
  • PU foam side support comfort layer is for protecting the mattress from sagging from the edges
  • Box Top with high-density PU foam comfort layer guarantees extra comfort
  • High-density PU foam layer provides extra support
  • Superior knitted tapestry along with poly web tape finish
  • Ten years manufacturer warranty


Kurlon Dream Sleep Spring Mattress

The Kurl-On Dream Sleep mattress comes with a tag line that dreams the new morning. The high tensile Bonnell spring with helical wire technology offers more bounce and comfort. Besides this, the circular helical wore support suitable for locking movements.

A PU foam side support comfort layer eliminates the spring ageing and retains the shape of the mattress for a long time. Its high-density cotton felt layers on top and bottom springs offers good support. Besides this, the PU foam comfort layers on top and bottom quilts provide better comfort and feel during sleep.

The thickness of Dream Sleep mattress offers a perfect sleeping surface and comfortable sleep for everyone. It is soft and firm, and you can expect good support to your back as well due to the presence of excellent comfort layers.

It does not lose its shape with continuous use and comes with multiple size variant; hence, you can select the type that fits your requirement. The Dream Sleep also comes with multi-colour and quite easy to carry. It is one of the best mattress in India and easy for your wallet as well.

The knitted tapestry feature makes the mattress good looking and comfortable. It also offers a hygienic environment to your home because of better air circulation. The Dream Sleep can accommodate different weights without any difficulty. It is durable, and you can use both sides of the mattress to make it long-lasting.

Key Features

  • Thick PU foam layer
  • technology for eliminating dust mites
  • Anti-microbial which avoids the growth of -micro-organisms
  • PU foam Side Support feature avoids sagging of the edges.
  • Five-year warranty


KurlOn Relish Spring Mattress

A Kurl-On Relish is a type of spring mattress which comes with materials like Pocket spring, Thermobond Felt and PU foam. The pocket spring comes with MSI technology and is high tensile. It ensures better bounce and no disturbance.

The primary material of Kurl-On relish is spring whereas fabric is completely polycotton. The Thermobolt layers  are on the top and bottom side of the springs for firmer support. The PU foam of Kurl-On Relish provides much-needed support and withstand the weight of the user.

Kurl-On Relish equipped with high quality materials, and it comes with pre-assembled feature. The mattress comes with several size options which you can choose according to your bed size and requirement.

The helical border wire support of Kurl-On Relish protects spring sagging and keep up its shape for years.

The relish is one of the best anti-dust and anti-microbial mattress available in the market at present.

Key Features

  • Pocket spring
  • Better bounce and zero disturbance during sleep with your partner
  • Firm support and withstand the weight of the user
  • No sagging
  • Anti-dust and anti-microbial


KurlOn Spine Kare Spring Mattress

A perfect sleep is now quite easy with Spine Kare Spring mattress due to its high tensile Bonnel spring and its helical wire technology. It also offers much-needed comfort and bounces to your body during sleep.

The springs of this mattress come with zero movement feature due to circular helical wire support.

Its advanced PU foam re-inforcement technology is quite suitable for your spinal alignment.

You can also experience firm support on the top and bottom layers due to high-density cotton and re-bonded foam layer. Its PU foam side support protects the mattress from sagging and retaining its shape as usual.

A Spinekare spring mattress comes with anti-bug, anti-dust mite and zero pressure point technologies which makes it one of the popular mattress among the users.

Key features

  • High tensile Bonnel spring
  • Helical wire technology for good support
  • PU foam re-inforcement technology for spine support
  • Anti-microbial
  • Non-sagging
  • Five years warranty


KurlOn Luxury Spring Mattress

A luxurious sleep is now possible with Kurl-On Luxury mattress because of an ultra-knitted fabric. A Luxury mattress provides a plush and smooth finish, which is much soft on the skin.

The pillow top-composition is of the memory foam and having pocketed springs which ensure a night of sound sleep. The Thermo bond covered pocket springs prevent the rupturing of layers of the mattress.

Promos are polyester knitted and having jacquard tapestry for providing better breathability and a superior feel.

Key Features

  • MSI technology pocket spring with high tensile strength provides more bounce and no disturbance.
  • Helical border wire avoids spring ageing, maintains shape.
  • PU foam provides side support having anti-skid fabric avoids mattress sagging.
  • Springs with PU foam layers with high density on the top & bottom provides extra spine support.
  • Memory foamed pillow top quilt pattern fits perfectly into body shape maintains body temperature.
  • It Ensures extra comfort.
  • This mattress is made with perfection and houses Italian design along with web tape finish.
  • Ten years warranty.


KulOn Desire Top Spring Mattress

The knurl-on desire top mattress makes your sleep the most comfortable by its high tensile Bonnel spring. It has a helical support design. Dude to ultra-knitted fabric, the mattress provides a plush and smooth finish, which is much soft on the skin.

The springs in this mattress goes well with the circular helical support and the good quality foam all around the spring offers better comfort. You can feel relaxed while sleeping on the surface. Desire Top is one of the most popular mattress in India due to its high quality materials.

The Desire Top comes with two height options such as 6 inch and 8 inches and you can use this on both sides. it furnishes a pillow top on each side of the mattress.

Key Features

  • It comes with a support of Bonnell Spring
  • PU Foam comfort layer
  • It is a two-sided mattress
  • The High Tensile Bonnel spring with its helical wire technology provides more bounce and comfort.
  • Springs with PU foam layers with high density on the top & bottom provides extra spine support.
  • The Circular Helical wire support technology locks the springs to avoid movements.
  • The high-density PU foam comfort layers presented on the uppermost as well as on the bottom part provides tremendous support.
  • Having a high density of PU foam at two-layer of the pillow that provides extra comfort layer quilting experience and a good night sleep
  • The mattress comes with multi-design and quite perfect with tapestry thread and Poly web tape finish.
  • 7-year warranty


KurlOn Foam Mattress Reviews


Kulon Mermaid Foam Mattress

Avoid tossing and turning and get an entirely eased sleep with Kurl-On Mermaid mattress. It is perfectly engineered, and its core has breathable bonded foam with thick memory foam comfort layer.  With Mermaid, you can go through a night of quality sleep, and it is entirely free from back-aches.

Key Features

  • Rebounded foam core layer which provides Ultra firm support to the body
  • Springs with PU foam layers with high density on the top & bottom provides extra spine support.
  • Memory foam pillow top quilt pattern moulds perfectly into body shape maintains body temperature
  • PU foam quilt at the bottom offers the ability to withstand the weight and superior core support.
  • The mattress is perfect with excellent knitted tapestry unique design thread and locked by poly web tape finish
  • Being Kurlo Fresh avoids bacteria, fungi & dust mites
  • The Anti-dust mite property offers proper protection against dust mites to prevent Bad Odour
  • The Anti- Microbial property is efficient against micro-organisms on inhabits their growth
  • Having Visco-elastic memory foam takes the body shape, controls body temperature
  • Provides Side Support and avoids side sagging, comfort at each mattress corner
  • 10 Years Warranty


Kurlon Relax Foam Mattress

The Relax core mattress furnishes a high-density PU foam along with a cover of PU foam comfort layer. The bed is appealing with floral work and extra-ordinary pattern. It is apposite for healthier sleeping.

Key Features

  • Neatly made with customization of polyester stitching along with web tape texture.
  • Relax is for enhancing comfort due to its thick high-density layer of PU foam.
  • Made of Polycotton
  • Extra comfort due to high-quality 32 density PU foam.
  • Uniformthickness with PU foam core layer
  • Medium-firm support to the body.
  • High-density PU foam quilt on top
  • It is capable of holding up the weightiness
  • Excellent core support.
  • Good Side Support, and avoids side sagging
  • Two years manufacturer warranty


Kurlon Mattress in a box

Drift into a luxurious slumber and wake up feeling over the moon at the Kurl-on Snooze Centre. A ‘Mattress In A Box’ is having ultra- a knitted fabric that provides an elegant, smooth finish.

The convoluted foam core with the ultra-lush zipper cover lets you sleep in supreme comfort. Unbox today for the ultimate sleeping experience.    Speciality: Easy to lift; Easy to Carry; Easy to transport; Easy to store.

Key Features

  • High-density Pure Foam with generous thickness core
  • Bouncier & firm on your back.
  • Large GSM ultra-lush tapestry with zipper; washable & hygienic.
  • The Denim blue fabric border helps  to enhance aesthetics & provide a plush feel
  • Five years warranty
  • Rolled & compressed
  • Washable zipper cover
  • Easy to carry anywhere


Kurlon Convenio Foam Mattress

Kurl-On Convenio mattress is perfect for a comfortable sleep, and it is free from tossing. The core of the Convenio mattress features breathable bonded foam as well as thick memory foam for additional comfort.

Key Features

  • The Kurlo-fresh technology keep bacteria, fungi and other microbial away
  • Its anti-dust mite quality eliminates all those micro-organisms and restricts the development as well.
  • The PZP Reduces the built-up localized pressure and restores your normal blood circulation to lessen back and neck pain.
  • It provides better firmness to your body during sleep because of Re-Bonded foam core layer.
  • High-density PU foam comfort layer.
  • Memory foamed pillow top quilt pattern moulds perfectly into body shape maintains body temperature. medium-firm support.
  • High-density PU foam quilt on the bottom houses a better weight holding capacity along with good support.
  • offers five years manufacturer warranty


Kurlon Coir Mattress Reviews


Kurlon Pure Coir Mattress

The coir mattress is rubberized, providing the most natural comfort. It furnishes a good design with the most excellent natural elements and helps in giving an incomparable sleep.

It is having an exclusive knitted fabric providing a blissful sleeping experience.  The natural coir core layer is aided with ACD & VCT technology and an  Ultra firm support to your spine & firm to the body as well. The High-density PU foam provides an ultimate comfort quilt.

PU foam is aided with unique tapestry quilt design. Its equipped with the ability to withstand the weight & provides superior support. The mattress has a  Poly Knitted tapestry thread that is locked by exclusive web tape finish.

This mattress is durable and most comfortable in handling. Most of the other brand mattresses weigh a lot, but Kurl-on made of good quality coir is easy to handle.

Key Features

  • The ACD – Rich coir density in the centre of the mattress enables optimum spine support.
  • VCT – Advanced coir orientation for additional support & bounce.
  • Kurla Fresh mattress avoids bacteria, fungi & dust-mites.
  • Anti-dust mite protects against dust mites to prevent bad Odor.
  • Antimicrobial is the Protection against micro-organisms on inhabits their growth.
  • Having 2 Yrs of Warranty.


KurlOn  Bond Coir Mattress

They are made up of thick, bonded foam. The foam is sandwich between high-density coir blocks. The core bonded foam makes the mattress more firm and gives it a more springy effect. The mattress is designed with a beautiful polyester tapestry that gives the mattress a fine finish.

Anti-microbial Technology kills and also prevents their growth. The Anti-dust Mite Protection shields the mattress away from dust mites and keeps asthma and bad Odour away.

The Advanced Centre Densification design increases the material density at the centre of the mattress. It provides optimum back and body support.

Key Features

  • It is having a generous thickness with high-density natural coir core layer aided with ACD & VCT technology both top & bottom.
  • It is having a Sandwiched Re-bonded foam core layer providing Ultra firm support to the body.
  • It is having a homogeneous thick High-density PU foam comfort layers on the top quilt that provides Superior Comfort & support.
  • neatly manufactured and perfect for good night sleep
  • comes with seven years of warranty


Kurl-On Magnum Coir Mattress

It is equipped with a  natural pure coir core with an advanced centre coir densification technology. It stays resilient and comfortable on your back and feels comfortable.

Its ultimate high resilience anti-microbial foam Box Top comfort layer makes you feel lenient every time you sleep. It is having a Poly Urethane foam aided with a special tapestry quilt design for additional side support. It provides  High resilience comfort layer Box Top with PU foam comfort quilt provides more comfort.

Key Features

  • It is having a Generous thickness and natural coir core layer aided with ACD & VCT technology that ensures ultra-firm support to your spine.
  • The high resilience comfort layer Box Top along with the PU foam comfort offers superior rebound and cosiness.
  • PU foam aided with a special tapestry quilt design for additional side support.
  • The mattress is crafted to perfection which ensures ultra lush knitted tapestry thread locked by exclusive web tape finish.
  • Five years warranty.


KurlOn Klassic Coir Mattress

It is having a penchant style of design. It is one of the legendary coir mattresses by kurlon. It is aided with high-density coir along with re-bonded foam.

The additional generous thick PU foam provides additional comfort layer. The printed cotton viscose tapestry has attractive quilt patterns. It is crafted with perfection with kurlopedic technology. Its Anti-microbial Technology kills harmful micro-organisms and also prevents their growth.

Its  Anti-dust Mite Protection provides protection feature that shields the mattress from dust mites to keep asthma and bad Odor away. Its advanced Center Densification helps increasing material density at the centre of the mattress, so that you can enjoy the optimum back and body support.

Key Features

  • It is having a Generous thickness with high-density natural coir core layer aided with ACD & VCT technology.
  • The Re – Bonded foam core layer provides extra firm support to your body during sleep
  • The uniform and high-density PU foam comfort layer are suitable for ample relaxation and backing.
  • The Mattress is Crafted to perfection and having a Cotton viscose exclusive tapestry tailored with thread locked by web tape finish.
  • the mattress furnishes a manufacturer warranty of five years


Kurlon Therapeutic Mattress Reviews


Kurl-On Spine Kare spring

Not always a hard firm mattress is good for your spine, but it is not true always. You can find a rejuvenating sleep on the spinekare mattress and wake up with zero aches and body pains.

The Memory Foam of the mattress softens in an appropriate point is perfect for shaping your body during a good night’s sleep. It helps in keeping your spine aligned properly and eliminates pressure from specific body parts.

So there is no more need for tossing and turning spinekare will take care of your spine. It is Certified by Hosmat hospital too. The  High Tensile Bonnel spring with helical wire technology provides more bounce and more comfort.

The Circular Helical wire support locks the springs to avoid any movements.  The PU foam provides side support and comfort and avoids spring ageing & maintains mattress shape being unchanged.

With it’s Advance PU foam Re-inforcement technology the mattress offers extra spine support. The High-density Cotton felt layers on top & bottom springs providing firm support.

The Spinekare therapeutic mattress comes with a memory foam comfort layer with uniform thickness. Such feature retain your body shape and regulates body temperature for additional comfort during your sleep. The PU foam Quit on the bottom comes with an ability to withstand the weight & provides superior support.

Key features

  • Its Kurlo Fresh design avoids bacteria, fungi & dust mites
  • Anti-dust mite is for protection against dust mites to avoid Bad Odour
  • Anti- Microbial is appropriate for protection against micro-organisms on inhabits their growth
  • The Visco-elastic memory foam helps in taking the body shape and controls body temperature
  • Extra Comfort feature provides more bounce More comfort
  • Side Support of the mattress avoids side sagging and provides comfort at each mattress corner
  • Body Support furnishes complete contour support to your body provides more comfort.
  • provides ten years manufacturer warranty

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Bottom line

The Kurl-On in India is a household name and offers a wide range of mattress with the best quality and superior comfort. The mattress is available in different size and dimensions. Choosing the right mattress with high comfort is much essential because after a hectic day you should sleep peacefully.

In this regard, Kurl-On being the best to offer a good sleep at a reasonable price and the best brand to offer a dream sleep and keep you away from the cries of daily life.

Here we have discussed the type of KurlOn mattress and their categories according to the need of the users. Going through the guide can offer you a good insight into different types of mattress available in the market and their features.

I hope it will be helpful for all of you for choosing the best mattress for your dream sleep.