Meera Ganapathi


Meera Ganapathi

Meera Ganapathi is the Founder and Editor of The Soup Magazine. Some say her sock collection is admirable, others are yet to see it and therefore could not comment.

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    Writings On The Wall

    Over three cups of coffee, in that now vintage form of communication, 'Gchat' the artists spoke to me about their method, their love for Urdu and this barrier breaking project of writing across walls.

    on 05 October, 2017

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    Painting With Poetry

    The refined and charming rhythm of Urdu is somehow so perfect for poetry. It dips and arcs in elegant curves that perfectly emote the poet's sensibilities. And the poetry itself draws images in your mind, creating characters and incidents that leave each one of us with a different interpretation, a mere reflection of what the poet meant to say.

    But what are these different images?

    By Meera Ganapathi on 03 October, 2017

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    Urdu 2050

    ​​Urdu reminds me of old love letters, pressed in with forgotten roses turning into dust. It reminds me of romance, poetry, elegance and times long gone.​

    By Meera Ganapathi on 30 September, 2017

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    Mohobbat Zindabad

    Design Fabric got together with Ankur Tewari and Tanya Eden to create art for his single Mohobbat Zindabad. With the song Ankur expresses the hope of resolving conflict through love and music. For this interview, two coffees; one cold and one hot were consumed at The Bagel Shop in Bandra.

    By Meera Ganapathi on 28 April, 2017

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    For Valentine’s Day, we asked a few illustrators to show us the side of love no one really wants to talk about, ‘heartbreak’. The result is a series of reflective GIFs that were also displayed at the GIFIXIBIT for the launch of Design Fabric. If you didn’t catch the exhibit, you can view the work of the artists here.

    By Meera Ganapathi on 18 March, 2017

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    How to Stay in Love

    In this romantically apocalyptic generation, staying in love is harder than asexual reproduction*. Aman Makkar shows us how to keep that romance blossoming in this quirky, introspective GIF photo essay for Design Fabric featuring 7 together-forever couples. *In 2016, Leonie the Zebra shark was the first female to reproduce without a partner.

    By Meera Ganapathi on 04 February, 2017