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    WIP Session 4 — Malika Verma Kashyap

    Malika Verma Kashyap is the founder of ‘Border & Fall’, a digital publication and strategic agency. Their work acknowledges change makers of India's fashion and craft community and the multi-disciplinary agency specializes in business development across branding, digital, retail and creative direction. Border & Fall's work includes ongoing talks, residencies and The Sari Series - a cultural film documentation of India's regional sari drapes.

    on 02 August

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    ‘Your Happy Place’ At Bacardi NH7 Weekender

    Design Fabric teams up with the folk over at OML to curate crowd-sourced art installations that will be set up at this year’s Bacardi NH7 Weekender. The project aims to initiate conversation and harbour installations that suggest for a better world

    on 05 September, 2017

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    Low-Res 2017-18 Application

    Design Fabric announces the launch of its student program, Low-Res. With an aim to put the spotlight on the exceptional student talent that comes out of India, Design Fabric Low-Res will enable students to work on collaborations with its partners and industry professionals.

    on 08 August, 2017

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    The Banaras Project

    Design Fabric along with 100% UP announce the launch of a one-of-its-kind design residency program in Varanasi for Indian designers. The program is devised to celebrate electric rickshaws and their potential to create a cleaner, greener holy city.

    on 01 August, 2017

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    Wardrobe Potluck

    A one-of-a-kind workshop on the theme of gender neutral dressing, and an experience which will question societal gender norms​ while exploring the concept of image and choice.

    on 16 June, 2017

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    DF Live Draw

    Every Saturday, a bunch of talented artists come together at A Good Feeling Studio​​ in Mumbai to draw a live subject, experimenting with new materials and learning different techniques, while producing a bunch of sketches of the person sitting for them.

    on 22 July, 2017

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    Of Water, Wonder, Blunders & Other Stories

    Last month's event was a unique exhibition of 4 Taxis designed around the theme of 'Water' by 32 Designers & 4 Mentors at the Taxi Fabric Workshop partnered by Asian Paints Colour Next 2017. This was followed by a showcase event called We Fucked Up, complete with talks, interactions and music featuring Hanif Kureshi, Ayaz Basrai, Babneet Lakhesar, Sanaya Ardeshir & VJ Moebius.

    By Sreshtha Chatterjee on 08 May, 2017

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    Design Log / Workshops

    Visualise Water Workshop with Ayaz Basrai

    On February 17, 2017, Asian Paints Colour Next 2017 & Design Fabric championed two outstanding concepts. One was 'Visualise Water' - an installation workshop that allowed participants to explore the endless possibilities of making art out of water, and the other was ‘We Fucked Up’ - a talk intended to encourage people to stop and take a self-deprecating look at their own work - both compiled by Ayaz Basrai, one of the most path-breaking thinkers and designers of our country.

    on 17 February, 2017

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    Events / Workshops

    Visualise Water Workshop & We Fucked Up by Ayaz Basrai

    Asian Paints Colour Next 2017 & Design Fabric come together with Ayaz Basrai to present 'Visualise Water' - an installation workshop to explore the endless possibilities of making art out of water, followed by ‘We Fucked Up’ - a talk to encourage people to take a self-deprecating look at their own work. At NSIC Exhibition Ground, Okhla, New Delhi on 17 February 2017.

    on 17 February, 2017